King of Cade Rules


32 Players will compete in a double-elimination tournament to determine the best all-around arcade player.

Each matchup in the tournament will be pre-assigned a game the players will compete on.

Players will be randomly assigned a spot on the bracket.  The final brackets will be released the day of the tournament.

Game Play Rules

All matchups will consist of one game for each player.

Players will have 5 minutes from the start of their round to report to their game.  Failure to report to the game in the allotted time will result in a forfeit.

Arcade Cabinet matchups will be based on the score achieved on the first game with a 5 minute time limit.

For arcade game and pinball matchups, each competitor will play separately.  The competitor with the higher score will be declared the winner.

For Skeeball, both competitors will compete on the same lane.

For 4 player matchups on Pac Man Battle Royale the first player to get 3 wins will advance.  The remaining 3 competitor will play until one of them has 3 wins.

For 4 player matchups on Mario Kart, The first and second place finishers will be considered winners.  The third and fourth place finishers will receive a loss.

A monitor from Up-Down will report the results of each match to the tournament coordinator.  The determination of a winner by the monitor will be final.

If there is a glitch in the game that affects the outcome, the monitor will make a determination of how to address it with the coordinator.  This ruling will be final.


Player Sign Up

All players must be signed up by 1:45 pm

Game play for the first round will begin at 2:00 pm sharp.

A short informational meeting will be held at 1:50 to answer any questions.


Each of the games in the tournament will be sponsored by one of our suppliers.  They will provide prizes that will be awarded to the winner of the matchups in the winner’s bracket.

The grand prize will be announced the week of the tournament.


The normal rules of conduct at Up-Down will be strictly enforced.

Any player violating these rules of conduct is subject to removal from Up-Down as well as elimination from the tournament.

This is a fun and casual tournament.  Please remember that and abide by the spirit of fun, relaxation, and not taking games too seriously.